Prairie Bleak BlechhYesterday was the first full day of spring here in Wisconsin, and the bleak blechh of winter lingers on . . . but not forever. Most summers I’ve seen since moving from New Jersey to Sheboygan (in the middle of summer 2012) have been glorious, offering the warm days, cool nights, and comfortable humidity of those Lake Michigan resort towns in which temporary residents spend their vacations. I get to live year-round in a lakeside community that celebrates summer horticulture in various ways, and for me this year the biggest event on the local gardening calendar is the Sheboygan Area Garden Walk (SAGW). First observed in 1997, the annual SAGW invites visitors to enjoy private and public gardens for the benefit of local institutions, which this year include the Ellwood H. May Environmental Park and Bookworm Gardens.

I admit that from my first SAGW experience in 2013, I fancied offering my little garden for the tour. However, it wasn’t until last spring that I felt my little patch of real estate might reasonably attract and host hundreds of garden visitors. My time as instructor at Lakeshore Technical College was drawing to an end, and I was pondering ways to fill what would become a bunch of spare time. Also, my little warm-weather greenhouse in the backyard was looking ever more likely to be built, and other possible landscape improvements kept being added to my wish list. So after handing over my $10.00 for my Walk ticket (a bargain) at the first garden on last July’s tour, I added my name to the sheet titled “Would you like to have your garden considered for a future Walk?” Soon after, I heard from the committee, and before I knew it, my garden was confirmed for the 2019 Sheboygan Area Garden Walk.

I’ve been eagerly counting down the months since then (friends and relatives will attest to this), and Saturday, July 13 now beckons at less than four months away. I have PLENTY to do between now and The Day, and I’ll be including stories and pictures of my adventures sporadically but dependably on this site. So even though the blechh of March persists in Sheboygan, the glory of high summer waits in the wings. Stay tuned!


If all goes according to plan and the dream, participants of the Sheboygan Area Garden Walk will (I hope!) enjoy a view similar to this one from July 2018. Much more is in the works.prairie before blechh, greenhouse

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