Ray’s interactive speaking style draws his audiences into the subject at hand. You’ll find his programs interspersed with visually stunning images designed to engage an audience’s attention while supporting the extensive information provided.



Much to do About Seeds

New for 2019!!

A must-see program that explores the seeds and fruits found in gardening and everyday life, this visually exciting journey begins with simplifying the essential botany and terminology that form the basis for understanding seed-related horticultural practices. It then illustrates essential gardening techniques, including sowing seeds, raising healthy seedlings, and troubleshooting challenges that might arise. Along the way, engaging stories highlight the fascinating diversity of seeds and fruits and the prominent roles they play in gardening as well as in world history and culture.

More Programs

Sensational Container Plants

Drawn from Ray’s book, The Encyclopedia of Container Plants: More than 500 Outstanding Choices for Gardeners, this program combines spectacular photography, practical cultural information, and entertaining anecdotes about many superb choices for container gardening. Interspersed are familiar favorites as well as the rare and unusual that are all meant to inspire you to experiment with containers.

Pots in the Garden: Expert Design and Planting Techniques

Lots of Pots: Designing Container Plantings

Beautifully designed container plantings require an understanding of the design elements that assure they develop into eye-catching creations. Gorgeous photos and supporting narrative illustrate color, line, form, space, texture, and other factors that interact to produce memorable garden accents. You’ll be inspired to create your own photo-worthy combinations without having to follow someone else’s “recipes.”

The Philadelphia Flower Show

Showplants: Taking the Blue Ribbon

Ray Rogers has won 455 blue ribbons and 97 major awards at the Philadelphia Flower Show, including Best in Show six times. He offers an in-depth presentation on how to produce award-winning specimens for flower shows, including how to grow, select, and groom plants for entry. Where feasible, live award-winning show plants can be on display.


Cacti and Other Succulents: Living Art

Be introduced to the endlessly fascinating range of sizes, forms, colors, and other qualities of these specialized plants. This inclusive presentation covers the basics as well finer points that will inspire both beginning as well as seasoned gardeners to produce living masterpieces.


In addition to his more formal speaking presentations, Ray Rogers offers separate hands-on workshops. Advanced planning and a separate fee are required.

Seeds: Basics and Beyond

From beginner to seasoned veteran, every gardener appreciates the importance of growing from seeds. This workshop explores both the scientific botanical background and the practical gardening techniques of raising plants from seeds, giving you the confidence to use many seed-related methods. Advance preparation, such as ordering seeds and supplies, is required.

Rushing the Season: Forcing Hardy Bulbs for Late-Winter Bloom

This workshop covers how to care for pots of bulbs from preparation in fall to full glorious bloom from late winter and well into spring. Many essential and finer details of the care required to force daffodils, tulips, and other bulbs to bloom indoors will be shared. Advance preparation, such as ordering bulbs and supplies, is required.


Standard fee for a one-hour presentation is $500. Additional travel-related expenses are dependent on location.