The videos and photos in this gallery offer a sneak peek into the highly illustrated presentation, Much to do About Seeds.


This is a brief, informative introduction to Ray’s presentation, Much to do About Seeds.

This concise but informative, short video explains the four factors required for successful seed germination.

In this short video, consummate educator Ray Rogers demonstrates his successful methods of sowing seeds indoors.



Colorful bean seed coats each provide a protective “box” for an embryo (baby plant) and its “lunch” (cotyledons) inside.

Fruit and Seed

A fruit – in this case a rose hip – develops along with the seeds it contains and protects.

Seed and Bug

This hungry milkweed bug checks out the potential for dinner before a breeze carries off the milkweed (Asclepias syriaca) seeds and their “parachutes.”


Seeds Ready To Fly

After being transported on the wind, the elongated seed on this Pelargonium incrassatum fruit will be planted in the soil by humidity twisting and untwisting the “screw.”